Welcome and Disclaimer

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely either looking for information about Fisher Celebrity biplanes, or you have a desire to find out what I’m up to that may cross the line to being a little unhealthy.

For the first group, welcome, and here is a disclaimer.  You may not find much of use to you here, other than for whatever entertainment you may derive from it.  I may use this to share notes and a partial log my work building my Celebrity, but you should absolutely not take my word for anything nor use my work, my methods, decisions, calculations or experiences as an example.  If you do what I do, you could very well end up injuring or even killing yourself.  This is an experimemtal airplane, and I’m an amateur builder.  I’m not an aeronautical or any other sort of engineer, a professional pilot, a certified aircraft mechanic or anything else that could be considered authoritative.  If you have questions, ask the manufacturer of your kit or the publisher of the plans for your airplane, or find a friend more knowledgeable than I.  I can take absolutely no responsibility for anything you do.  You have been warned.

With that out of the way, welcome!  The plane in the picture above is, obviously, not mine.  It’s one of the better pics I could find of a Celebrity and captures the essence of what I hope to be able to do — blazing along, smoke on, silk scarf trailing in the wind on a perfect day.  Until that happy day I’ll spend a lot of time in the basement workshop and/or the garage, shaping wood and fabric and glue into something that hopefully looks a bit like an airplane.