Not entirely dormant

I haven’t posted any updates to speak of this month.  I did get out to the garage and spend a couple of hours sanding down rib geodetic stock..  What a pain in the ass.  I really wish I’d gone a different route than I did on this stuff.  I just don’t know what that route would have been.  Anyway, today I started taping stacks of geodetic strips together and cutting braces.  I’ll do as many as I can before starting to build ribs again, so hopefully when I can return to building I can get some momentum going.

I have to be honest…  I look at some of the single-seat parasols and think, “Hey, I could be building half as many wings…”  But I just need to stick t this.  It will be worth it in the end.  I’m working on an idea to semi-automate the sanding of the geodetic stock, I just need to fabricate a couple of guides and use a stepper motor to feed the stock through my sanding rig.  That could increase throughput and give more consistent results, while I get other things done.

Pause button

I haven’t had much opportunity to do any construction for a few weeks now.  The garage is a disaster with a remodel project going on, and I’ve been busy selling my side business.  Hopefully in another week or so I’ll be able to get back to it.  The first order of business will be to try out the steamer to soften up capstrip for the ribs.